The 15 Things Charles and Ray Eames Teach Us

Excerpt from: An essay by Keith Yamashita

1. Keep good company
2. Notice the ordinary
3. Preserve the ephemeral
4. Design not for the elite but for the masses
5. Explain it to a child
6. Get lost in the content
7. Get to the heart of the matter
8. Never tolerate “O.K. anything.”
9. Remember your responsibility as a storyteller
10. Zoom out
11. Switch
12. Prototype it
13. Pun
14. Make design your life… and life, your design.
15. Leave something behind.

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Peter Brings the Shadow to Life

Shadows are dreamful…

The title of this video by Joe Pease comes from this essay – – which contains paragraphs such as, “It is not uncommon for children to play with their shadows or to imagine that they are tangible. Instead, growing up is a process that continues throughout life.” Of course, it might just be a bunch of shadows. Music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. By Predatory bird

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Midnight City

Obsessed with this song, the video is great too. Frenchies ahead !

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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

This video is not recent but I just came across it when looking at a new Honda commercial signed by the same director, Ned Wenlock. Both are very sweet.

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Happy Friday


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Naughty Friday

ABSOLUT SF.    Fake Parisian Macarons.    All good

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Acid drops !

Smooth and delicate, love it.

The second in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders. By Matt Box.


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