Gorillaz ‘DoYathing’ Jamie Hewlett partners with French team !

Check this stunning new video for Gorillaz, the track is pretty cool, featuring Andre 3000.

Jamie Hewlett is still responsible for design development while the animation has been proudly made in France by Passion Paris and Fortiche. Fortiche was born thanks to directing duo Arnaud Delord and Jérome Combe partners of Pascal Charrue. The talented team learn the ropes at Premiere Heure and Nexus before signing with Passion Paris for good. They have worked on TV commercial projects for Sprite, Ubisoft, Honda, Hutchinson, Samsung, Panasonic or Stuck in the Sound and Deus for music videos. Fortiche means “nifty” in French slang and it seems to be the perfect description of they work and mindset. They know how to handle every kind of animation technique, 3D, 2D, mix-media, motion capture but they are more interested in the story-telling and visual environment rather than a particular technique. For each piece they try to explore new routes so they never get bored and us neither. We wish them many more great projects like the Gorillaz.

Check also this brillant piece for French band Stuck in the Sound, great entertainment for anyone who was a teen in the 80’s/90’s. Directed by the wonderful Caleb Krivoshey and Fortiche.


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