Desert island vanity

Estée Lauder, Bronze Goddess: Beaches, sun and holidays are in this bottle. This is a great trick, smell it and you are on a sandy beach ready to swim. I don’t use it everyday but just to brighten a grey morning, or before a surfing lesson to ‘really’ get into it.

Victoria’s Secret, Sweet craving: the naughty notes of vanilla and praline gives this body spray a really fun and youthful spirit. Not to use as a signature perfume, I use it for ballet class, very feminine.

Sinful Colors, timbleberry: I found this nail polish at Wallgreens for 0,99$, when fed up with red red, this is a perfect happy color which makes casual wear more appealing.

Sephora, Bain dissolvant: My former ladies co-workers offered me this product, I am amazed. This is just magic, dive your finger in it for a second and you have a clean nail. Yes, the composition must be super chemical…

L’Oréal, EverCreme: this is a brand new spray that changed my morning life, just a spray without rinsing. Great results and shiny hair.

Benefit, Girl meets pearl: Benefit is one of my favorite cosmetic brands, not only because it is based in San Francisco or because they have amazing packaging, but also because the products work really well. This nice little pearly cream gives your skin a discrete glow for evening dinners or parties. Not a secret anymore !

Le Petit Marseillais, Baume hydratant amande/huile olive: Presents from mothers are always smart. This everyday creme is a hit, works for everything even men like it. It is a must for a lightly pack weekend.

Fresh, sugar rosé: I discovered these wonderful lipsticks through samples and I might buy the rosé one real size. The smell is delicate, the texture well-balanced, good quality product with soft colors.

Now I’ve just shared my morning essentials, I would like to check how these brands behave and see how to improve my habits. Now I feel like a party pooper but without being cynical buying smart is more important than feeling beautiful. Check this great website: slavery footprint. Sorry for the weird transition, but this survey is really well done and gives you useful information.


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