Goodbye fitness club !

While I was living in Paris exercising was not part of the plan, unfortunately, because I have almost lost 10 years of work-out and good shape. That’s one of the many reasons I decided to move in California. Having a more balanced lifestyle between city sins and healthy rhythm was a great goal. Unfortunately, fitness clubs don’t like me…I mainly used my subscription to 24h fitness club to go to the sauna !

Recently, I decided to grow up a little bit and try something different. Getting out of the bed is possible if you can find enough enthusiasm. This is where Surf and ballet came.

I am glad I found the Academy of Ballet and Sea, Surf and fun. Classic dance and Surf seem to be the opposite but so far it is exactly what I needed. Now it’s on my side to make it last.

Sea, surf and fun is a new surfing school based in San Francisco managed by two French teachers. We went to Half Moon Bay last Saturday, even if the conditions were terrible, I really enjoyed it. Half Moon bay is wild and immaculate. This is where The Mavericks contest takes place every year. No pressure..!

Academy of Ballet is a family style school where I immediately found my place, everything reminded me my early years of ballet, a long time ago. The piano player, the little girls dreaming at the door of the expert class, the busy changing room with old mirrors. I’m lucky because all the technical terms are in french ! Too good to be true.


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