What is LAPTOP?

LAPTOP was born one little month ago in Paris. The concept is so simple that you immediately wonder why it didn’t exist in Paris before. Maybe it already exists but not in this simple smart form. The idea is to offer a working space for freelancers, artists, designers and more. The specificity is also to keep it collaborative and not too business oriented. To me it is not necessarily a start-up hub as you can find in San Francisco or in Le Silicon Sentier. It is a participative space where you can share ideas and projects and make very different things.

The proud ‘mother’ of the concept is Pauline Thomas and the whole place happily carries a taste of her personality. Pauline is an artist as an award-winning photographer, a thinker but also a digital culture expert working for major brands as Adobe.

I am so happy that she dares launching such a place in Paris which is not only renting a space but a community gathering where you can find books, new people and where you can definitely participate and propose your own ideas to make Laptop grow and change. Laptop doesn’t only propose a nice working area, it also offers in the package some technical working tools. But the most important to me is the synergy created between the different renters and the unexpected encounters you can make.

I think we were desperately missing this kind of place in our capital, we have great talents but they don’t really meet. People are too shy or on their own. Having some beers in a bar triggers nice encounters but it does not create a ‘scene’. Laptop does.

I wish a long and creative life to Laptop and I hope we will be able to create bridges (Golden) with San Francisco !

You can find all the details and prices here, have a look to Pauline’s work as an artist

Women rule !!


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