$ Welcome to Nevada $

The original idea for this trip to Nevada was to go to Reno, not to spend the rent in a casino but to see the mythic Air races show. Very sadly, a mustang plane crashed into the crowd causing several deaths and injuries. This show is one of the most spectacular in aviation as the planes are flying as low as 50 feet above the ground. It exists for several decades and the pilot who had the accident was a veteran. This drama scared me and made me really sad for the victims and for this sport in general.

We decided to go to Nevada anyway and changed our plans to do something more low key. We went to Carson City, which is the capital of the state. Nevada is called the Silver state as silver mines were discovered while people were struggling to seek gold.

Nevada is a huge, hot desert, Reno and Vegas are the most sparkling diamonds in this moon landscape but other gems are to be discovered. We booked a night in a ranch in Washoe lake state park and it was a real experience. The Deer run ranch

The owners Muffy and David were incredibly welcoming and charning, and the ranch is in a secluded yet close to Carson area. The blue skies are jaw-dropping and the coyotes are here to remind you who rule the place.

We saw barn owls, oaks, coyotes, many wild deers, desert black lizards and hopefully we didn’t see the rattle snakes…


The owners of the ranch prepared us the best breakfast ever with products from the garden, the house is full of books, many interesting ones about Nevada, California. The party you rent is a huge part of the house where you can have your own kitchen, living room with fire place, the room is super comfy and the everything is designed to be authentic by David the owner. In September, Indian summer, the skies have this unique vibration you can only find in a desert. In winter time, you can do ice-skating on the little pond just across the bedroom.

Desert is quiet and romantic, hot in the day, cold in the night and it is said to be the best place for star-gazers, which I am.

The day after we drove in the desert to the oldest town of the state, Virginia City, the main street still has the feeling of western movies, just one long street but the way it is presented now is more for tourists but we still enjoyed the trip as this little town is really alone in the dry mountains. We ate a great sandwich in a saloon and took a train which drives you into the mountains offering awesome views.




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