Introducing..le cornichon!

My friend Marion came to visit me in SF after a great trip in Montreal where she found my new bible: “Le cuisiner rebelle”. It’s a cocktail book from chef Antoine Sicotte.

I chose the most evident cocktail recipe for me..Le cornichon. For the girls who loves it heavy!

Sauce piquante – 6 traits (I used Tabasco)

Sauce Worcestershire – 6 traits

Saumure d’olive – 3 traits

Jus de cornichon – 4 traits

Vodka – 45 ml or 1,5 oz

Sel de celeri – poivre – sel

Jus de tomate – 90 ml or 3 oz

Lime – 5 ml or 1 tspoon


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2 Responses to Introducing..le cornichon!

  1. Emilie says:

    I love a good cocktail and this one looks fabulous!

  2. kate says:

    je te reconnais bien là, le développement du cornichon en Californie, tu tiens une piste! 🙂

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