Brow bars by Benefit

Benefit cosmetics is a great landmark for San Francisco glam scene. It has been created by twins sisters Annie & Maggie, coming from a remote Indiana town..

The quality of the products is good and the names (finding Mr Bright, take a picture it lasts longer…) and designs are really girlie.

They have brow bars where you can have your brows done (wax & make-up) in less than 5 min. I liked the fact that the beautician does your brows while you’re on high chair, in the shop and not in another room where it can takes ages.

You also have brow bars in Paris, Sephora, Printemps, Galleries..

The brows were 20$ but I also bought one of their best sellers, Girl meets pearl, a pearly liquid that gives you a special glow, that’s the risk…

Someone told me if you have great brows you don’t even need to wear make-up, I agree…that was not said at Benefit !


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