Dear friends, sorry for writing this blog in english, it’s a bit weird but I would like all my friends here to be able to read it, and all over the world, haha.

Ok, it’s been a week that I’ve moved here in San Francisco, locals call it “The City”. These first moments have been amazing. I’ll remember this period for a while. I didn’t launch any professional activity yet so I’ve all the time to settle down and enjoy this new experience. I’ve realized how fast and intensively we were living in Paris, our jobs were everything. I think it is the right moment to take a little step backward and meditate a bit. (ok after 2 weeks I’ll go crazy).

Welcome to this blog, I hope you’ll enjoy it and please send some news, even the smallest details are a pleasure for me read.

Love. C


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One Response to Hello!

  1. Marlene says:

    Love it! The best way to enjoy life is to take time. You take care and look after the good places in “The City” so you have plenty to show me ;-). XXX

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