* Cherry blossom – Sakura *

As you may know San Francisco is divided in distinct neighborhoods which are most of the time defined by cultural belonging. I feel extremely lucky to live among all these lively and powerful communities: chinatown, North Beach, ย Russian hill, Mission, Japantown…

Saturday and Sunday, April 9 & 10, 16 & 17, 2011 the city celebrates the Cherry blossom trees and spring season in Japantown. This event is the Japanese-American echo to the original “Sakura” in Japan. This event is very important for japanse people as it is the celebration of the spirit of nature at large.

In Japantown, which is not a very big district here but still very active, we attend the 44th Cherry blossom festival of Northern California. This was a great opportunity to support Japan and raise funds.

The parade was fun and cute, we saw the Mayor for the first time, just behind Hello Kitty in its red car! This was a 2 hours parade with schools, association, shops, officials, my favourite were the Kikkoman (soy sauce) beauty queens tank.

We enjoyed super nice food, gyozas & unagi bowls, and Saporo was one of the main sponsor.

This outdoor event was our first big gathering and we loved it (specifically their David Guetta tribute, japanese style)

My pictures!


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