Easy like a Sunday brunch…

I wanted to share brunch ideas that made me so happy last Sunday!

It is not even recipes, it is just good, healthy ingredients:

Jamie Oliver’s roast beef sandwich

Open ciabatta bread, spread some Frenchie’s mustard, add some good roast beef slices, top with “coeur de sucrine” salad leaves and..very important, add some Heinz gherkins, salt and pepper. Not in Jamie’s recipe but we add some fresh tarragon leaves and horseradish sauce. These pictures are the real pictures of my sandwich !

Ultra-simple avocado with “vinaigrette”

Choose a ripe big avocado, slice in two the flesh cross with a knife and had olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper in the little hole. Marvellous and 30 sec preparation. Look also like a death skull ^^

Fresh orange juice

I’m not going to explain how to make an orange juice but it is so good and easy to make. I used to buy orange juice bottles, it’s expansive and not always good. The little trick is to shake the juice in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, fresher and better.

Bon dimanche!


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